‘ There’s one major difference between James Bond and me.
He is able to sort out problem ‘

                                                                                Sean Connery









1_ In 1953, he entered the Mr. Universe contest, finishing third in the tall man’s division.

2_ He has two small tattoos on his right arm. One says “Scotland forever”, the other “Mum and Dad.”

3_ He took dancing lessons for 11 years. 

4_ He was voted People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1989.

5_ His favorite Bond film is FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963).

6_ He wore a toupee in his Bond movies from GOLDFINGER (1964) on, as he started losing his hair at 17.

7_ He turned down Richard Chamberlain’s role in Shogun (1980) because he would not act on television.

8_ Of the six actors who have played James Bond, he is the only one who, like Bond, served in the Royal Navy.

9_ The role of Mufasa in The Lion King (1994) was written with him in mind.